Polyhedron | LIQ Farming Redesigned

Built for MATIC & Quickswap traders with a clear focus on simplifying the concept of deflationary tokens. Polyhedron is a Token everyone can understand.

Feature 01

Rising Price Floor

The Deflationary Liquidity system creates incentives to set up an ever rising price floor.

Feature 02

Passive Yield Farming

Thanks to the fee for liquidity providers you can enjoy a passive yield farming mechanism without staking. Just add liquidity to the MATIC/PLYH pool.

Feature 03

Fair Launch

POLYHEDRON has been stealth launched. 96% of PLYH supply was seeded as liquidity. That means no presale and 4% allocated to team members.

Feature 04

Burned mechanism

Already 180,000,000 PLYH Tokens burned.

Feature 05

Rugproof Strategy

Liquidity is burned 100%, this means all the Liquidity Pool Tokens has been transferred to the burn address.

Feature 06

100% Decentralised

Running on the MATIC Network and 100% community led.

Deflationary Liquidity system

60% of the supply has been sent to the Dead Adress at launch. And the 100% of the Liquidity Pool Tokens are burned, this means that every transaction will be taxed with a 0.17% and asigned to the Dead Wallet. As holders add liquidity to the pool the taxation will be shared between the Dead Adress and the liquidity providers. This creates a high deflationary system in the first steps with decreasing burning rate over time and assures a rising price floor.


If you are an experienced MATIC & Quickswap trader, you know how to get POLYHEDRON, for the rest this are the steps.

  • Purchase MATIC on Quickswap, Binance, Kucoin, or any other exchange of your choice.
  • Conect your Metamask to the MATIC Network. Transfer your MATIC to your MetaMask wallet.
  • Open Quickswap & accept the pop-up dialog to view the swapping interface.
  • Click the Gear icon in the top right of the exchange interface and change the slippage to at least 5%.
  • Enter the amount of Polyhedron you wish to buy with, click the Swap button, and then approve the transaction in MetaMask.